We all know that Online Gambling can be fun. But it can, on occasions, become addictive. BestBookiesUK.co.uk advocates Responsible Gambling. It may be difficult to realise that you have a problem with online gambling, and possibly even more difficult to admit there may be a cause for concern

This website is of course based around gambling, and as such if you do have a passion for gambling in any shape or form you will find all the information you require to help you to do so.

Things are certainly changing for the better regarding responsible gambling these days, for betting sites across the UK are now legally required to have a range of options available for their customers to ensure that they can and will be able to control their betting activities.

Obviously this website is dedicated to the world of betting, and as such I want to walk you through each of the many different ways you can choose to make use of to both limit just how much you gamble and also look at ways that you can cut back on your gambling activities or give up gambling completely.

Deposit and Betting Limits

The way in which it is very easy to make a deposit into a betting site or a betting app these days can be convenient, for all deposits are usually processed on the spot and instantly, and as such punters are never forced to have to wait for their deposits to show up in their accounts.

However, that does mean that it is way too easy to make repeated deposits when a punter is losing, and that could quickly see them blowing all of the funds held in their bank account for example.

To completely negate the risk of you getting carried away and ending up depositing and possibly losing way more money than you ever initially intended to do, there is an option for you to set your own limits when logging into any betting site or betting app.

You will be able to set just how much you are prepared to deposit over any period of time and will also be able to set your own loss limits at most betting sites and when using betting apps too, so do make sure that is something you do just to ensure you always are in control of just how much you could end up depositing and losing.

Taking a Break for Gambling

Sometimes it will be advisable for gamblers to take a break from gambling and take a step back from doing so, to allow them to clear their heads and review their current situation.

Most betting sites and apps will offer their customers a facility on which they can ask to be temporarily refused access to their betting accounts, and punters will be able to choose just how long they wish to be denied access to their accounts for.

One of the main reason why some punters will request a take a break option is for example when they have just won big, as by making a withdrawal and then requesting a small break from betting at any betting site for example they are not going to risk losing their winnings back, which is sadly something many punters will end up doing.

Most betting sites and betting apps will have an automated set of option settings that will allow customers to select a take a break option, failing that you could always get in contact with such a sites customer support team and request a break from gambling.

How to Give Up Gambling

Everyone that does gamble is going to experience winning streak and losing streaks, and that is all part and parcel of betting, however sometimes people can find they become addicted to gambling and will lose control when they are doing so.

It is very important that you realise the dangers of gambling in general and be prepared to take whatever action is deemed necessary should you find your betting activities have got completely out of hand.

That is when it is time to make use of the free and confidential support services offered by organisations such as GamCare and Gamblers Anonymous, as they both offer range of online services that anybody affected by gambling in a negative way are free to make use of.

It is also worth me pointing out that Gamblers Anonymous will also offer face to face and group sessions, and those sessions are a great way for you to meet other people in your situation, and learn from their mistakes and follow their advice to stop gambling altogether.

All betting and other gambling related websites, apps and venues will offer their customers the option of self excluding themselves.

That will see you often being required to fill in a form requesting that your account with them be closed or your access to a betting shop for example be denied, you will then never be permitted to gamble at those sites, venues on when using their gambling related apps again.

Anybody that does seriously want to stop gambling should take the self exclusion route as by doing so the temptation to gamble will be negated as you will not be allowed to gamble online, on your mobile device or in a land based betting shops once you have self excluded yourself from them.

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